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1. Introduction: About Connect XML-2-DB

This guide explains how to use Connect XML-2-DB, an XML to Database Transformation tool. This software can be used either as a standalone program or as a jar class library that is integrated with your own java application.

About Connect XML-2-DB

Connect XML-2-DB is a tool that allows you to take data that is in XML format and insert it into a relational database without having to write any software code. Instead of having to write new code for each type of XML file, only a mapping file has to be created that will be used by Connect XML-2-DB to store the information correctly into the database. The benefits of using Connect XML-2-DB include increased productivity and time savings, platform independence and reliability.

Features include:

  • It can be run as a stand-alone program or it can be integrated into another Java application.
  • 100% java architecture allows running Connect XML-2-DB on heterogeneous hardware platforms.
  • Supports major databases.
  • Includes a JDBC driver that can be used with Connect XML-2-DB.
  • It is database independent. The mapping rules specified in the mapping file are similar for all databases.
  • Supports inserting into multiple tables.
  • Supports inserting into the database by calling stored procedures that can implement complex business logic as part of the movement of the data.
  • Handles parent child relationships. Handles inserting into IDENTITY columns for SQL*Server and Sybase, as well as propagation of the identity columns to child tables.
  • Automatic detection of identity columns for SQL Server and Sybase databases.
  • Support of sequence numbers for Oracle databases.
  • Support for inserting constant values into database table columns.
  • Support for inserting parameter values into database table columns.
  • Support for inserting header values into a database table column for all records in the XML document.
  • Allows inserting a constant value into the database, based on the existence of an XML element.
  • Allows one XML element value to be inserted into multiple database table columns.

Supported RDBMS

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  • Oracle Server Versions 8.0.0 -

Java and JDBC Versions

  • Java Versions: 1.4.x or higher
  • JDBC Version: 3.0
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index.htmTable of Contentsinstallingxml2db.htm