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Connect XML-2-DB Features

Is an XML tool that can be run as a stand-alone program or it can be integrated into another Java application.

Is a compact 100% Java class library, which means it is available on heterogenous platforms.

Supports major relational databases. Currently, available for Oracle Server 8.x and 9.x and Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

Available for Java Versions 1.4.x or higher.

Includes a free JDBC driver (Inet driver) that can be used with Connect XML-2-DB.

Is database independent. The mapping rules specified in the mapping file are the same for all databases.

Supports inserting XML data into the database via direct inserts into tables, as well as by calling stored procedures. This enables the incorporation of complex business logic as part of the movement of data.

Supports inserting XML data into multiple tables. For SQL Server, it also supports inserting into multiple databases.

Automatically detects identity columns for SQL Server databases.

Supports sequence numbers for Oracle databases.

Transparently handles parent child relationships. It handles inserting into IDENTITY columns for SQL*Server, as well as propagation of the identity columns to child tables. For Oracle, handles inserting of sequence numbers for Oracle, as well as propagation of the sequence number to child tables.

Supports inserting of constant values into database table columns.

Supports inserting of parameter values into database table columns.

Supports inserting of header values into a database table column for all records in the XML document.

Supports inserting of a constant value into the database, based on the existence of an XML element.

Allows one XML element value to be inserted into multiple database table columns.